Juvenile Deliquency

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After School Hours

Twenty-eight million children have parents who work outside the home. Many of these children do not have access to affordable, quality care during the hours after school or when school is not in session. Therefore, a majority of these children are left unsupervised during non-school hours. Juvenile crime triples when the school bell rings at the end of the day.

Moreover, children are at four times the risk of being the victim of a crime (for example, murder, violent sex offense, robbery, and assault) during the hours after school. Studies show that adolescents that are unsupervised for 11 or more hours per week experience twice the risk of substance abuse as those who are under some form of adult supervision.

After School Programs

After school sports programs keep our children safe and provide them with much needed, supervised, structured activity that will deter delinquency and encourage healthy lifestyles. Studies around the nation have proven that children attending Programs:

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