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About the XC Program

In 2009, Active4Youth revived its first after school sports program, the Spokane Schools Elementary Cross Country Program. It was met with incredible success and now, in 2017, over 4,200 elementary aged children participate in our program.

Free to elementary aged students in the Spokane School District. Practices occur at each school site starting immediately after school, at least three times per week for approximately eight weeks. Check with your child's school for details.

Schools are assigned to a zone. Twice, over the course of eight weeks, student athletes are bussed to the designated park in their zone to race student athletes from other schools in their zone. View zone info.

The races are gender and grade specific, meaning second grade boys race solely against second grade boys. Top ten finishers at the zone meets qualify to race at the Bloomsday All City Cross Country Meet, held at Franklin Park.

Active4Youth cross country program is currently under way. Please see the elementary cross country schedule for zone meet information.

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